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John St. Claire: Tao of the Beatles

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The words to this song are "If I fell in love with you"...and this is my musical arrangement of that concept. It's an ideal, and full of sublime expectation.
It starts off a little slow and unsure, but very interesting, just like love.
It doesn't take long though, for love to bloom and the melody and harmony are beautiful with a smooth rhythm. It's simple and pure and everything you expect it to be.
Next, as love is developed and embellished it's like being walked down a familiar garden path, but now with more beautiful blooms blossoming.
It takes some unexpected twists and turns though (in this case goes from G to F) but is still familiar and comfortable with the same melody, slightly modulated and a little different harmony and rhythm.
Then it changes some more (from F to Eb) and takes a few more twisty turns but arrives back at the familiar melody and harmony (in G again) with beautiful embellishments. Just like love takes us to unexpected places, but we still feel comfortable and always carry the original ideal of love with us. We develop a slightly more mature perspective of love, having lived through it a bit.
So now that you've seen the familiar garden path it takes you back the same way but with this new perspective.
Love is a journey that will take you to unfamiliar places though, and soon the melody, harmony and rhythm become so twistfully intertwined, it seems the old garden path has led you right into outer space. You don't really know how this happened or how your ever ended up here, but, as soon as you accept it and become comfortable with being in this new unfamiliar territory, you find yourself right at your own front door with the familiar garden path calling you back once again.
Now as we walk down the well worn garden path of love, the beauty of the melody, harmony and rhythm become fully realized... and they all lived happily ever after.